How To: Aol Email Account Recovery | Reactivate Aol Account

AOL Account Recovery & Password Change 3 Easy steps by Experts help

AOL Account recovery and Aol Password Reset Phone Number

AOL Account recovery and Password Reset Phone Number

These days, everyone stores their helpful information in their electronic accounts. So, in order to get your account password back, one can use any of the available methods offered by the service provider and get your work done, AOL password reset phone number.

AOL password recovery techniques are very cost effective and will absolutely assist the account holders to get their account information.

AOL is basically an American company which was earlier recognized as America Online is associated with a few brands and websites in order to assist them in growing & developing.

The company released online software which helped its clients to connect with each other by means of internet. AOL has lots of products in areas for example advertising, content, and local, membership & AOL ventures.

For an electronic account, password is the most significant thing. It is for all time advised to keep your password short in order to keep in mind it simply. But occasionally an account has not been accessed since long; the person tends to forget it.

The AOL password reset phone number is used at a time when one has forgotten their account passwords & there are many ways to reset your password.

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Reset AOL Password automatic is one of the ways which you can use through which one can obtain notification as well as by enabling that notification; one doesn’t have to reply the security question required for changing your account password.

One doesn’t require to pay for this password recovery as it is totally free and this attribute can be activated on 10 computers. Each computer gets listed as a trusted processor on AOL password reset phone number systems, because of which a pop-up window opens on your screen.

The benefit of using this feature is that if somebody else tries to access your account from another location, AOL will immediately bring it to your notice.

AOL has been for very long one of the best online players that has delivered a range of services of several niches. It started as CVC – Control Video Corporation way back when internet was only in its opening phases.

At that time, its only result used to be downloadable video games that could be played only after downloading for one session only, AOL support. With time, quite a few new services also got added to its line.

The company did see its share of ups as well as downs, which included associations with several other companies, change in management, mergers, and partitions in addition to more. But the company saw it all off, and is at present still one on the most important online players, AOL support.

Its email service is the one that makes public mostly relate themselves with the company. It used to be a paid service, but rising competition and their tactics to pull concentration forced AOL Support too to change its working ways as well as make its email service free.

AOL customer service number

In spite of the fact that AOL has never been a firm that welcomed changes, it has stand alone as one instance that still drives multiple people who are comparatively new to do well in their niche. Just like the company, AOL Support service is also just a class apart.

Being one service that almost certainly has the most excellent online self help module library, AOL support always offers sophistication to all its clients. It’s free users have the choice to get help via such support modules, however an AOL support premium client who holds a paid account could way in live services from it as well.

For those who are in immediate require of assistance from an important person with their AOL support account, a number of self-governing companies are a big assist. These companies offer immediate phone or chat support to whoever gets in touch with them.

Although they are not connected to AOL in any way, all these companies still supply the same level of AOL support with the aid of their teams of experts who have years of earlier experience in the same field. You could only call them up, and have your issue sorted out in the least phase of time.

AOL Gold Download For Windows 10

You could also check with your age group and friends and other near ones too, in case they might have faced alike issues in the history. But then AOL support absolutely is not one service that would let you look any such issue with their services, AOL support. But if you really get stuck with something, you can always make use of the aforementioned channels of support to get the issue resolved, AOL phone number to reset password.

AOL Customer Service Number

One more way to AOL password reset phone number is by simply visiting the AOL website and clicking on Forgotten Password. The website will inquire for the last four digits of the credit card used by you. And identification of the person concerned, AOL will send a verification email to the email address which has been given as an alternative email address. Clinking on that link will facilitate you to reset your password.

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One more way to AOL phone number to reset password is by simply visiting the AOL website and clicking on Forgotten Password. The website will inquire for the last four digits of the credit card used by you. And identification of the person concerned, AOL will send a verification email to the email address which has been given as an alternative email address. Clinking on that link will facilitate you to reset your password.

AOL comes with “AOL Password” tool which always helps in recovering passwords that are stored on your personal computer. It can be used for both AOL phone number to reset password & AIM as well as helps in fetching your passwords with screen names. This software has a wonderful demo version which will only recover first few characters of the account password and is not a hacker tool.

Download AOL Gold Desktop

AOL gold desktop is easy to use desktop where you would love to find mail, content and browsing search features. It has premium security features which protect your system from being hacked or misused. It also has automatic updates feature which automatically updates your system by replacing old versions with new versions of software and saves your time and space on your computer. It is usually available with 30 days free trial with 24X7 live supports, download AOL gold. Thereafter, you can take premium membership of Download AOL gold desktop and enjoy your great desktop experience. The new version of download AOL gold desktop will support Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

AOL Gold Download
When you want to download AOL GOLD DESKTOP, you can access its website and click on download option.

  1. Once the download takes place, you should click the Install AOL Dekstop icon.
  2. Click on Run option
  3. Click Install Now option and click yes.
  4. Then, your AOL GOLD DESKTOP is downloaded.

The Benefits of AOL GOLD DESKTOP
There are many benefits of downloading and running AOL desktop gold download which are as follows:

  1. Security: You can easily make your computer safe from being compromised. The hackers are keeping an eye over your system for stealing your personal information. AOL GOLD DESKTOP has a two-step verification process which protects your computer from being hacked and your personal information which you have stored in your computer becomes unreadable to the strangers who are cyber threats for you, AOL gold download for windows 10.
  2. Customer Friendly and Convenient: The latest version of AOL GOLD DESKTOP is full of advance features. Your usernames with passwords, toolbar icons, mails, contacts and your favourites will be transferred while automatic new updates installs. You don’t have to worry much about that, download AOL gold.
  3. 24X7 Live Supports: To provide you all round support, AOL GOLD DESKTOP comes with 24X7 live supports by phone or chat feature. It helps you out to resolve any kind of troubleshoot with its software, download AOL gold.

AOL Gold Download For Windows 10

There has been lots of transition phases that AOL has went through ever since it was initially launched in the year 1983. At first the company was only offering online games, which were accessible for download and could be played for just one session. But afterwards with changes in management along with company strategies numerous other services were introduced, the most important one being its email service. Chat room was one more highlight of AOL gold download for windows 10, with its all services having exceeded those of its close competitors for an actually long time.

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The company has been linked with huge brand names in the past, and also had a team of persons who were part of bigger names in the history. The combined hard work of all of these helped AOL to rise to what we know of it as nowadays, AOL gold download for windows 10. The company has most recently lost some of its first shine, but still over a million subscribers make regular use of AOL services in their everyday life, which also includes their work, AOL gold download for windows 10.

AOL Customer Service Number
AOL Gold Download for windows 10 support too has very significant role to play in this. AOL has forever made it a point to let its clients get the best of services. You will come across a large knowledge base when you search for AOL Gold Download for windows 10 Technical Support or AOL client Support on their help page. Such self-help articles are meant to cover approximately every kind of issue you may ever experience with your account in each aspect.

There are times when you will not locate such articles obliging, or you may not be able to appreciate some issue that has been explained, but seems a bit difficult to you. It is also very much likely that you find the article and also identify how to go about it, AOL gold download for windows 10. but cannot find adequate time to do it by yourself. At such times you can avail the advantage of AOL live help services for example phone support, however you can avail this service only if you are a paid client of AOL gold download for windows 10.

AOL Email Support
There are many other third party groups too, who can assist you with AOL Support. Such groups work separately of official AOL support but offer you with similar class of service, at times even superior. All of their service packages have to be paid for, but at times their paid packages are less costly options to go by rather than an upgraded AOL AOL gold download for windows 10 package.

You have to however establish their genuineness first, for there are some fraud groups too, and in this view, online reviews as well as forums are of great aid, AOL gold download for windows 10. These forums are created by those persons who have availed alike services in the past, and so their suggestions work genuine well for you, AOL password reset phone number. Their price structure could also be strong-minded to choose the most suitable one for you.

For password recovery, you can follow thee steps:

1. Go to the Sign-in Assistant.

2. Enter one of the products mentioned for account retrieval.

3. Click Proceed.

4. Follow the Sign-in Helper’s directions.

For Account recovery you have to follow this:

1. Go to the Sign-in Assistant.

2. Enter the phone number or email address you have access to for your retrieval.

3. Click Proceed.

4. Click Yes, give me a code to verify.

We’re going to submit code to your phone number or email address.

5. Enter your code for checking.

6. Click Proceed.

7. Select the account to which you would like to log in.

How do I reset an AOL password without a phone number?

The way to reset AOL password:

  1. First, log in to AOL using your username or the email linked to your account as well as your current password.
  2. Make sure that the Manage Your Account category is open.
  3. Press “Change Password” under Password.
  4. Type your new password in both the New Password and Confirm Password fields. Make sure your new password is both secure and easy to remember. You don’t want to get locked out of your account.
  5. Press Save.

How do I access my old AOL account?

To this to regain access to your AIM account:

  1. Visit the and go to reset your password page.
  2. Enter your username or email address in that text box.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Type the email address you specified for account recovery.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Enter the answer to your security question.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Enter a new password, and then do it once more to verify that you typed it correctly. It’s best to choose a secure, “hack-proof” password.
  9. Click Submit again and then Continue.


  • close You can try to reset your account via the security question method only six times. After the sixth unsuccessful attempt, AOL locks your account for 24 hours. You may neither log in nor attempt to reset the password during that time.

How Do You Fix The AOL Email login problems?

Check the username & password- 

When you can’t log in to your AOL account and getting incorrect username or password error message. 

It would help if you double-checked the username and password for your AOL account. Most apparently, you continue entering the wrong password. 

That’s why you can’t sign in to your AOL account.

  1. Open the notepad on your pc. 
  2. Please type your password correctly on it and copy it. 
  3. Paste this password on the AOL login form. 
  4. Finally, Press the sign-in button. 

If you doubt your AOL login password, you should reset the password. 

To reset the password, you may follow the steps available below. 

  • Go to the AOL login page. 
  • Click on the forgot password link
  • Type your email address and username. 
  • Now verify your account. 
  • Finally, you will get an option to reset the password. 

If you need brief information, you may visit: how to reset the AOL mail password.

If you are getting password was changed before error. It indicates, someone has access to your account, and they have changed your password purposely. 

In such a case, you should think of resetting the password, after changing the password, you should also review the security settings. 

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Check browser autofill settings- 

If you can’t sign into AOL mail account using the autofill settings on your browser. It would be best if you tried to get into the AOL mail account by typing the password manually. 

If you can log in successfully, you should go to the autofill settings, and update the password. 

But If AOL email login problems continue, you should jump to the next step. 

Clear the cookies or cache files- 

Sometimes, you can’t access the AOL mail account or website due to existence of old cookies and cache files. 

That’s why when you face the AOL mail login problem, you should think about removing the harmful cookies, and cache files. 

To clear the cookies, you may follow the steps given below. 

Clear the cookies files on google chrome: 

  • Open the google chrome and type chrome://history in the address bar.
  • Now click on Clear browsing data. 
  • Select the time-range as all time. 
  • Check all boxes and click on clear data. 

Like this, you may clean other browsers are well. Here, I am going to give the link for them. 

how to clear cookies on firefox? 

Turn off the proxy or VPn apps- 

Like we all know, AOL is very concerned about the security and privacy factors. 

So if you are using any proxy or vpn apps during the sign-in process, AOL will consider it as a suspicious activity. For that, they might put your account on temporarily hold. 

That is why you need to ensure that no VPN or proxy app is running into your computer. 

Use incognito window or another browser- 

When you can’t log into your AOL account, you should try to open it on an incognito window or another browser. 

Let’s see if it is allowing you to access your AOL account thier or not? 

If you can access your account on a new browser, it means, your browser is out of date. That’s why you are struggling AOL mail login problems. 

In such a case, you have to update the web browser, and then try to reaccess the AOL account.

Check the firewall and security settings- 

Sometimes, you may not be able to access the AOL login page because of firewall or security settings.

When your firewall is blocking the web page, you won’t be able to access it. In such a case, 

you should disable the firewall for a while, now try to reaccess your email account. 

Check the server status- 

Never forget to check the AOL mail server status on your locality. Ensure that, the server is running fine in your local area. 

If AOL server is down, you need to wait until the server starts working fine. 

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