How Can I Unlock My Amazon Fire Stick?

In order to get access to new features and apps, the users strive to unlock the Firestick. In this way, you will surely require tech specialists who are well-versed with the whole procedure. Even Fire Stick Support Jio Tv can also be provided for the users.

About Amazon Firestick

One of the popular devices for watching streaming services Amazon Firestick is packed with many advanced features that give an amazing user experience. The Amazon Firestick comes with Alexa voice remote that enables you to have complete control on your Fire TV. It gives you direct access to entertainment of your choice. On the other hand, the users frequently face interruptions in the service. To deal with such interruptions, Amazon Customer support is out there. But before it’s important to know about Fire Tv Stick Unlocked, which is the question of a plethora of Firestick users.

Step by step procedure to unlock Amazon Firestick;

Unlock is also known as Jailbreak. Interesting to know that there are many apps are used to jailbreak the Amazon Fire TV. But there is also a single procedure to Jailbreak the Fire TV. Below is the procedure.

  • Go to “Settings”
    • Click “My Preferences”
    • Open “Privacy Settings”
    • Choose “Device Usage Data”
    • Select “Turn OFF”
    • Select “Collect Apps Usage Data”
    • Now Select “Turn OFF”
    • Press the “Back” button on Alexa remote
    • Select “Data Monitoring” and turn- off it
    • Press the “Back” button on your remote two times
    • Scroll “Right” and Choose “My Fire TV”
    • Go to “Developer Options”
    • Choose “Apps from Unknown Sources”
    • “Enable” Apps from Unknown Sources.

How do I connect my Amazon Fire Stick to WIFI Network? Firestick No Signal

Most users have no idea how to connect Amazon Firestick to Wi-Fi as the firestick is newly introduced device. Even though it was launched a couple of years ago most of the people are not aware of it. Consequently, the users don’t know the procedure to connect it to the Wi-Fi network that we have explained below. Besides, below we have also discussed what to do in the event ‘My Firestick Says No Signal’?

But we move on to its solution, let’s start with the introduction of cool features of Amazon Firestick.

The Cool features of Amazon Firestick;

There is a specific reason why Amazon Firestick is getting popular among the people. Today everyone has to admit that Amazon Firestick has transformed the way to watch TV. In simple terms, it has turned the TV into a smart TV and it has replaced the cable subscription to a big extent. So, let’s highlights some of its amazing features.

• Prime online content
• Ease of use
• Voice search remote control
• Parental control settings

Being a new user like thousands of others, you may also want to know how to connect my Amazon Fire Stick to WIFI Network. So, let’s get started.

How To Use Amazon Firestick Remote App?

Let’s start with Amazon Firestick

Streaming services are in trend. These are dramatically replacing the cable TVs. They are changing your experience to watch TV. The major difference between streaming service and cable TV is the flexibility of watching whenever you want.

Amazing Firestick is a device that gives access to streaming services. It has turned the home TV into smart TV. The Firestick comes with Alexa voice remote. Amazon Firestick also offers you a remote app that lets you get total control on the Fire TV in case the Amazon Fire Tv Remote Not Working.

When you do unboxing of Firestick device box, you get a remote with voice search feature. The remote rarely stops working. But no one knows when it happens to you. Then the Firestick Remote app appears the best alternative. The Firestick remote app gives you exactly the same experience that you get by using Alexa remote.

Learn how to use Firestick Remote App;

It’s so simple to start using the FireStick remote app. It is identical to Alexa remote. You have to download the app on your smartphone from your Google Play store. Once the app gets downloaded, launch it on your smartphone. Then follow the below steps to pair your remote app with the Fire TV.

• Ensure your smartphone with Firestick app and Fire TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network

• Start the app and select your Amazon Firestick

  • Your Fire TV will display a code. Enter this code on your phone.

How to Update Amazon Firestick? Firestick No Signal

Amazon Firestick is an innovative internet-enabled device that enables the users to watch the latest online content on their TV via internet connection. However, just other internet-connected devices, it is also needed to get updated regularly. Updating Amazon Firestick is significant. It helps to fix the bugs that prevent the Firestick to perform effectively. Even, at times, it gets added features when you update the device.

When to update your device?

Generally, there are two ways to update your device. The first procedure is to put your device on automatic update. It means when the new version of Amazon Firestick is available, your internet-connected device Firestick will get automatically updated. If you want to manually update your device on your own, then there is a simple procedure for it.

Step by step procedure to update Amazon Firestick;

• Select ‘Setting’ on the right side of ‘Menu’
• Scroll right and select ‘System’
• Select ‘About’
• Scroll down right and select ‘Software Version’
• Install System Update
• Your Amazon TV is powered off
• Wait for a few seconds
• Your TV will get started once again
• That’s it

If you somehow fail to update your Firestick even after these attempts, it’s a time to quickly reach out online assistance. One of the popular online tech support services has recommended you to call at toll-free.

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