How to Change Frontier WiFi Password | Fios Wi-Fi ( Latest )

How to Change Frontier WiFi Password | Fios Wi-Fi

Change Frontier WiFi Password

Frontier is a company which is involved in many sectors, and one of the important is the networking sector. Finally, you will have a company which can understand the situation of the customer and then provide the facility according to it. This can be an exciting choice for the person who wants to have the best. So, to keep it safe you have to set up a password, and if you have any problem, then you can change Frontier Wi-Fi password.

All this can be done quickly and if you have no idea about how to change Wi-Fi password frontier? Then this article is what you should look for as this will help you out with the situation efficiently.

Features of Frontier WiFi

There are various features of the Frontier Wi-Fi, which makes it one of the best options. Some of the features are mentioned below:

  • You will be getting the choice of the affordable fibre optics which are necessary for the transfer of the data quickly.
  • Once you have the Frontier Wi-Fi, then you will be able to transfer the data with the high-speed internet services.
  • There is month to month option for the user to pay the price for the services the user is having.
  • They have a mobile application as well, which can help you with any service they provide.
Change Frontier WiFi Password

How to change Frontier Wi-Fi Password?

Here are the steps which are needed to be followed:

  • First, you have to open the I.P. address –
  • There you will be getting the option of Wireless settings, and then you will be getting the choice of Basic settings.
  • Now you have to make sure that wireless is turned on and enter the name of the network in the SSID box.
  • Visit the Advanced security settings or security settings from the menu.
  • Now WPA wireless security is to be selected.

How to change the Frontier WiFi password?

Set up the Wi-Fi hotspot

  • You have to connect the device to your laptop or computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi connection.
  • After this, you have to launch the web browser and in the address bar, enter, and then press the enter button.
  • After this, you have to visit the setting section.
  • Enter the required information like username and password, after this click on the login button.
  • Click on the WLAN dropdown and then click on the WLAN Basic settings.

Change Frontier Wi-Fi password

  • You have to make sure that you are connected to the Wi-Fi.
  • Now open the new web browser window.
  • In the address bar, you have to enter the; this will take you to the page where you will be able to make changes in the password according to your will.
  • In the right-hand menu, you will be getting the option to change the Wireless password.
  • Submit the default router settings username and password in the lowercase.

These are the simple steps which are required by the user to change the Frontier WiFi password. But by any chance, if you are not able to find the solution to the problem, then here you can get some help. For that, you have to dial the Frontier customer service. By doing this, you will be able to do the process quickly.


Frontier has become one of the essential devices for people who are interested in having internet service. You will be able to find the customers to the frontier Wi-Fi in almost every part of the United States. And this is the reason having the password trouble quite common. So if you are facing one of those, then you should do the steps mentioned above. As those steps will help you to Change the Frontier Wi-Fi password.

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