How to install HBO Go Latino on Amazon Fire TV

One of the main reasons I purchased the HBO package was to access HBO Go, which is HBO’s online catalog of movies and series.

As a Game of Thrones fan, having access to any of the episodes to review this or that moment in the series was tempting, so I decided to order HBO at the beginning of the eighth season of the series.

After being discharged, I proceeded to download the application to my Android mobile and as I expected, I had access to the catalog of movies and series.
I, knowing that the Amazon Fire TV is based on Android, thought that it would be easy to get the application to be seen on the screen in my living room since, as I saw, HBO Go was present in the Amazon Appstore:

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So I decided to download the application and I find that this app is not enabled for my region.

How does this application say that it is not enabled for my region, if it works on my mobile?

As I continued researching, I found that HBO has two versions of HBO Go, one for the US market, and one for some countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Central America:

Realizing this I understood what was happening: In the Amazon Appstore, only the American version is available.

The matter being clear, now the question remained, how will I be able to see HBO Go on TV?

Having dealt with HDMI connection before, I knew that having my phone connected to the TV is uncomfortable after a while, not only are the notifications output in 5.1 audio at full volume, the critical thing is the calls that come in and pause the playback.

I noticed that the application supported Chromecast, so I decided to install a Chromecast receiver on the Amazon Fire TV (Airscreen) just to realize that the support does not work at all: It does not connect, connect and disconnect or only listen to the audio when it is does.
I tried it from the PC to the Fire TV and it did not work for the same problems either.

I got mixed results when installing the APK of the phone application on the Fire TV, since it is designed to use the touchscreen and not a remote control or a pointer, so the experience was not good; worsened when the pointer stopped working.

At this point I gave up on this idea for a while and looked at the content in other ways.

2 weeks ago, after watching a movie on HBO Family, one of the commercials they showed taught that HBO Go was now available to Roku, even though I have a second-generation Roku entrusted, I went back to work with the idea of ​​having HBO Go running on the Amazon Fire TV.

On the HBO Go Latino page, the following appears at the time of writing:

I notice that two products are listed: Android devices and Android TV, at this point I start to think that maybe there is another version of HBO Go Latino for Android TV different from the one I have installed on my phone.
Which makes sense, since the version I installed via the APK was for a touchscreen, and Android TV does not necessarily have a touchscreen.
Searching with my uncle Google, then I found the following:

APKMirror is a repository of APKs, which are the installable files for Android applications; In this case, this would be a copy of the APK of the HBO Go Latino, APK that I had already tried but it didn’t work for me.

But then, further down, I saw this:

By clicking I found what I was looking for:

I immediately proceeded to download the APK to try it out.

To my surprise, I was able to install the APK without problems and when I open it, I find a High Definition welcome screen asking me if I have an account or want to log in with my operator.

I proceed to select my operator, I register and Voila! HBO Go running in all its glory on my Fire TV.

Take advantage and saw some episodes of Silicon Valley and the odd movie that was premiere online.

I hope this tutorial will help you!

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