What is Zoosk

Things you should consider before using Zoosk (guide)

What is Zoosk

Are you tired of annoying and irritating dating services?Well, we all know how difficult it is to find someone to trust nowadays. Who doesn’t wish to have such a partner to rely upon, to laugh with or to cry with. Its everyone’s desire to have someone special their lives who can understand everything about them without saying.

Apart from all such beautiful wishes and desires, we cannot even ignore the fact that it is just next to impossible to on regular dates with someone in such a busy and hectic schedule. That’s what the reason is behind the rapid increase in the use of online dating apps. Here in this article, we are going to talk about one of the most popular and preferred dating apps called “Zoosk.” We will discuss some essential things to consider before using the service.

Here we go!

What is Zoosk?

Just like other online dating services, Zoosk is also one of the most popular and most preferred zoosk dating services.

It is first designed and developed by Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr in the year 2007.

You can use the service in any way. If you wish to use it on your laptop or PC, you can go on its website, and if you want to use it in your Android or iOS devices, you can download the app and use it.

Zoosk is available in almost 25 languages in so many countries. The service makes use of Big data and algorithmic recommendations. Using such technologies it helps people to find and meet their perfect match.

How to use Zoosk?

Whenever it comes to use something new, the very question which strikes our mind is “HOW?”.

Let us know about the easy steps to use it.

Following steps are needed to use the service:

  • Go to Zoosk.com and sign up.
  • Add the necessary details about yourself and complete your profile.
  • In the next step, add photos. Zoosk allows you to add a maximum of six photos. So, make sure that the photos which you add are the best six photos from your gallery. Add minimum group photos and make sure that the photos which you add are shot on some beautiful locations.
  • Write about yourself, i.e., your story.
  • You are almost done. Once you are done with writing your story, you can start connecting with the people.
  • In the final step, you need to know about the payment. The service allows you to check profile without any cost. You can also connect with people. But when it comes to messaging, you need to make payment. Once you have paid for the subscription, you can start messaging and chatting with the people you are interested in!

Things to know before using Zoosk:

Following things you should know about before using Zoosk:

  • It has “A” rating from the better business bureau:When we go to Better Business Bureau. According to the better business bureau, many times, Zoosk had terrible customer experience; however, they do respond to the complaints quite actively. BBB says that in the past few years, Zoosk has resolved almost 382 complaints.
  • Concept of Confidential Matchmaking Formula:Just like other famous online dating services, Zoosk also has its secret matchmaking formula. Zoosk makes use of latest technologies like Big Data and algorithms to search for your perfect match. It keeps an eye on your searches and clicks and based on that it shows results.
  • Payment Method:As we have already discussed that making a profile and searching for the people is entirely free; however, if you want to message someone, to begin with, the conversation, then you have to make payment. This is one of the primary reasons because of which customers are attracted more and more by the service.

Just like other dating services, Zoosk also demands the payment according to the time of subscription.

The longer you remain subscribed, the lesser you will have to pay for it.

  • No Activation Charges:In the past few years, many customers complained about its activation fee. To make it clear that now it is not the same. Zoosk no longer charges for activation, i.e., new customers don’t need to pay the fee. The customers only have to pay for their subscription plan.
  • No Refund:One of the most important things to know about is that there is no refund offered by the service. If you set a contract of six months and in case if you abandon the six months plan in before that, say three months or if you do not use all your 750 coins, you will not get the refund of even a single penny also. Zoosk customer care phone number. All the Zoosk’s payments are non-refundable. Pending payments will also become due at the time of cancellation.

●     Recurring Billing: Many customers ignore to read terms and conditions and get mad when auto-renewal takes place, i.e. if you have completed the subscription of a month, Zoosk auto-renews your subscription and the amount is automatically deducted from your bank account. If you do not want Zoosk to auto-renew your subscription, then make sure to turn off the auto-renew feature. 

●     Message Notifications:  Sometimes, customers feel annoyed because of message notifications. They get information that “someone sent you a message,” though you are not able to read it until and unless you make payment. 

●     Make sure to Disable Email Settings: Until and unless you disable your email settings, you will keep receiving unwanted emails from Zoosk. Some may seem to be suitable for you, whereas some may annoy you.

The Conclusion About Zoosk Dating App

So, it was all about some essential things which you should consider before using Zoosk dating app phone number.

Most of the time, it happens that we subscribe and make payment of the services without going through its terms and conditions and regret afterward.

So, this content was just to make you aware of its terms and conditions which people generally ignore.

We tried our best to share all the necessary things which you need to consider before using Zoosk.

If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to contact and ask us.

If you have some other details regarding the subject which you think can be a part of the content, definitely share with us.

It will be great to have a two-way discussion.

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